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Parent Teacher Fellowship

We are a group of volunteers that are committed to the students and staff of TFCA. We coordinate and promote involvement in the school both during school hours and for the after-school events. We also coordinate various fundraisers in order to help improve the school and bless the staff. It is our heart to help make TFCA both a fantastic school to send our children to and a great place for the staff to work.

We meet at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of each month. Please join us and contribute your time, talents, and passion for Christian education at TFCA. 



Our passion is to help promote the cause of Christian education and to enrich the experience of the students of TFCA by raising funds to meet various educational and administrative needs that would not otherwise be met within the constraints of the regular school budget. These may include scholarships, teacher classroom supplies, technology, sports, playground equipment, special events, etc. Also, to encourage parent involvement in the school and coordinate clear and timely communication between all parties.

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